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Technical SEO Course

Master the fundamentals of being found online.

Ensure your site and network are technically sound. Make sure your site neither hinders the work search engines nor the experience of web users.


Chapter 1


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Lesson 1

TLDs and their SEO Impact

Using Geographic TLDs might not have direct SEO benefits but it can assure service availability in a specific location and boost conversion.

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Lesson 2

Subdomains and Subdirectories

Making a choice between Subdomain vs. Subdirectory is easy. Few SEO experts can’t agree, but subdirectories are a better choice.

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Chapter 2


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Lesson 1

Get Indexed by Google

If Google doesn’t know your site exists, your site might as well not exist.

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T.R.A.M Standard Package.

We teach you all of search marketing, free!

But for those who want a University level education in Search Marketing, we are working on the following TRAM packages.

Passion Package


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Video Modules

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Interactive SEO Quizes

Course Diploma

Professional Package


One Time - Coming 2023

Video Modules

Video Guides

Interactive SEO Quizes

SEO Excel Training

Technical Delivable Templates

Ranking Delivable Templates

SEO as a job Module

Course Diploma


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