TRAM SEO – Technical

Table of Contents.

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3

Page Build

Chapter 4

Site Assets

Chapter 5

International SEO

Chapter 6

Mobile SEO

Chapter 7

Structured Markup

Chapter 8

Links & Tech

Chapter 9

Behind the Web Page

Chapter 10

Coding SEO

Chapter 11

Launch a Site

Chapter 12


Chapter 13

Advanced Tech

Part 1

Technical SEO

Part 2

Ranking SEO

Part 3

Authority SEO

Part 4

Managing SEO

Chapter 1.


TRAM 1 Geographic TLDs

Lesson 1

TLDs and their SEO Impact

Using Geographic TLDs might not have direct SEO benefits but it can assure service availability in a specific location and boost conversion.

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TRAM 2 Subdomain Vs Subdirectory

Lesson 2

Subdomains and Subdirectories

Making a choice between Subdomain vs. Subdirectory is easy. Few SEO experts can’t agree, but subdirectories are a better choice.

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Chapter 2.


TRAM 3 Google Indexation

Lesson 1

Get Indexed by Google

If Google doesn’t know your site exists, your site might as well not exist.

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TRAM 4 Site Indexation

Lesson 2

Faster Site Indexing

Getting Google to crawl and index a new website takes time. Here we explain all the considerations available to speed up the process.

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Chapter 3.

Site Page Builds.

TRAM 6 Site structure

Lesson 1

SEO Friendly Site Structures

An SEO Friendly Site Structure today is more important than ever. Your site’s structure should be easy to navigate and hierarchical.

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TRAM 5 Site Architecture

Lesson 2

Anatomy of a Site Build

The better your site architecture, the higher will be its chances to rank in the search engines. Discover everything you need to design a successful web structure.

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Chapter 4.

Site Technical Assets.

TRAM 7 Pagination

Lesson 1

Pagination for SEO

Pagination is a web term used to describe a series of content that is broken up into a multi-page list. We go over everything you need to manage them properly.

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TRAM 8 Faceted Navigation

Lesson 2

Faceted Navigation

For many SEOs managing eCommerce sites, optimizing the faceted navigation is critical to success. We clarify what can become a rather messy challenge.

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TRAM 9 Components of Good Sites

Lesson 3

Must-Have Site Components

If you are going to take the time to build a website, might as well build it well. We are going to explain key aspects of a well-built site.

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TRAM 10 Xml Sitemap Vs Html Sitemap

Lesson 4

XML vs HTML Sitemap

It’s important to list the most critical pages of your brand to both search engines and users. We’ll explain why and how.

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TRAM 11 Robots.txt File

Lesson 5


The robots.txt file offers the opportunity to remove parts of a website from search indexes.

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Chapter 5.

International SEO.

TRAM 12 Global SEO

Lesson 1

Global Search Engine Optimization

For those looking to attract online users from outside their local market, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide for international SEO.

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Chapter 6.

Mobile SEO.

TRAM 13 Mobile First Indexing

Lesson 1

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-first indexing means that Google will first consider the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking.

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TRAM 14 Accelerated Mobile Pages

Lesson 2

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMPs are quickly becoming the standard for how a fast-loading page should be built. Learn everything you need to supercharge your website.

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Chapter 7.

Structured Markup.

TRAM 15 Products structured Data

Lesson 1

Structured Data for Product Snippets

Google uses structured data for building rich snippets in the search results. Learn how to take advantage for your eCommerce brand.

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TRAM 16 Schema

Lesson 2


Communicate directly with search algorithms. Schema helps search engines like google better understand your site.

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Chapter 8.

Links and Tech.

TRAM 17 HTTP Status Codes

Lesson 1

HTTP Status Codes

Optimize the accessibility of your site to users and crawlers.

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TRAM 18 404s and Redirects

Lesson 2

404s and Redirects

Learn everything you need to know about 404s and redirects. We’re happy to share the industry’s best practices with our fellow SEOs.

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TRAM 19 Canonical Tags

Lesson 3


Canonical tags are a simple but powerful way of cleaning up possible organic ranking issues.

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Chapter 9.

Behind the Web Page.

TTRAM 20 Page Load Speed

Lesson 1

Page Load Speed

Pages that have a longer load time tend to have lower dwell time and higher bounce rates.

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TRAM 21 Document Object Model

Lesson 2

Document Object Model

Where SEO starts to blend in gently with the world of developers. Get stuck in the code.

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TRAM 22 Javascript Frameworks

Lesson 3

Javascript Frameworks

There is much more to SEO than Meta Data, content, and links. Various scripts affect websites in different ways.

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Chapter 10.

Coding SEO.

TRAM 23 Regex

Lesson 1

Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are patterns used to match character combinations in strings. They also help take care of bulk commands in SEO.

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Chapter 11.

Launch a site.

TRAM 24 Set up Wordpress Site

Lesson 1

Launching with WordPress

There are many ways of launching a site, we decided to focus on the easiest and most popular.

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Chapter 12.


TRAM 25 website migrations

Lesson 1

How to Migrate a Site

Let’s discuss the process where a site undergoes changes in terms of its technology and setup.

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Chapter 13.

Advanced Tech SEO.

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