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1 Deliverable - Data Studio

Custom Data Studio Dashboards

An easy way for anyone to understand business web performance. Automate custom reports to track web KPI.

Track Performance

2 Deliverable - onpage

OnPage Optimization Recommendations

Identify the most impactful meta titles, descriptions, and headers. Get the most out of each web page.

Attract traffic to more pages

3 Deliverable - schema

Schema Recommendations

Make sure your site is able to speak directly to search engines. Effectively communicate the value of pages, products, and services.

Schema your site

4 Deliverable - keyword map

Keyword Map

Purposefully map out all the queries you’d like your site to rank for. Prepare every single web page for success.

Map online success

5 Deliverable - keyword list

Keyword List

Generate a list of all the queries your customers are searching before they find you or your competitors.

Acquire a search list

6 Deliverable - site architechture

Site Architecture Review

Ensure the page hierarchy of your site is set up in a way that resonates with search engines and users.

Improve the foundation of your site

7 Deliverable - technical audit

Technical SEO Audit

No point in having a good-looking site if Google doesn’t understand it. We perform thorough web health checks.

Improve your site health

8 Deliverable - backlink audit

Backlink Audit

Backlinks play a crucial role in web performance. We’ll let you know how much you need to succeed, and clean up toxic links.

Rank higher, faster

9 Deliverable - blog content

Blog Content

We deliver the content you need to stand out online.

Improve blog strategy

10 Deliverable - competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

Discover every smart move your competitors have made online. Set up your brand for excellence.

Keep an eye on competitors

11 Deliverable - competitor gap analysis

Content Gap Analysis

Tell us who your competitors are. We’ll tell you all the pages you need to outperform them.

Cover all web gaps

12 Deliverable - internal link audit

Internal Link Audit

The way your site interacts with itself matters to search engines. We document and highlight all opportunities.

Improve the structure of your site

13 Deliverable - infographic design

Infographic Design

We deliver stunning informational graphics that keep users on your site for longer. Attract the interest of news outlets and relevant publications.

Request infographics

14 Deliverable - new landing design

New Landing Page Design

We combine SEO, UX/UI to deliver prototype pages that are certain to perform.

Design a new landing page

15 Deliverable - featured snippet audit

Featured Snippet Audit

Awareness online isn’t just about links on search engines results pages. We map out a plan to claim video, table, list, and other results on position zero.

Feature on search results

16 Deliverable - HTML sitemap design

HTML Sitemap Design

An XML sitemap is easy enough, but an HTML sitemap ought to balance the goals of the brand and the interests of users.

Optimize your sitemap

17 Deliverable - Search console and analytics

Google Search Console & Analytics Integration

We get your site ready to measure performance. We’ll customize segments and conversions to match KPI.

Set up performance tracking

18 Deliverable - core web vitals

Core Web Vitals Optimization

Set up dashboards that help you identify opportunities to improve the User experience from Google’s perspective.

Optimize for User Experience

19 Deliverable - image optimizations

Image Optimizations

Ensure your site’s images are optimized for both the visually impaired and search performance.

Optimize your site’s images

20 Deliverable - page speed optimizations

Page Speed Optimization

The way your site interacts with itself matters to search engines. We document and highlight all opportunities.

Improve site speed

21 Deliverable - content planner

Content Planner

We deliver a schedule which highlight what, when and how of new page creation. We also point out the type of positions you may expect to claim.

Select your content plan

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We are building cool stuff. We are committed to unleashing the very best of data and tech.

Tram app product


Our extensive TRAM SEO course adapted to your favorite mobile device

2 Product - Politics in pocket

Politics in your Pocket

The Humble voter intends to make political engagement fun.

3 Product - Humble Trader

Humble Trader App

Never invest without understanding the value of the company you want to be a part of.

4 Product - HT CMS


A proprietary web and content management system that takes advantage of the latest technologies.

5 Product - The Humble mind

The Humble Mind App

Our educational platform aims to educate while offering perspective on the life journey of our users.

6 Product - Language App

Language App

An ambitious project which aims to teach Spanish to English speakers through an innovative approach.

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