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We’re all affected by business and politics, two critical areas where many look to make the best possible decisions. Still, despite our best efforts, absorbing the noise and making sense of what matters poses a challenge. In response we’ve built Humble Titan as a problem solving three-tiered platform:


When it comes to American Business and Politics, we’re organizing and giving away as much as we possibly can.

We appreciate that the tools most of us need to live better-informed lives are usually inaccessible. We also get that the main difference between those who are able to sort out their lives and those who can’t is knowledge.

Trust us to empower you so you never have to bet blindly on the stock market or an election. Count on us to provide you the education that should have been prioritized in our high schools.

Tell us how we may do more.


We dissect businesses of all industries and sectors on a daily basis. Regardless of vertical, we can explain to you what a healthy balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow should look like. Our Due Diligence reports prove this.

But we take our obsession a few steps further, we understand which digital marketing strategy resonates with your target audience. Plus, we understand why it works.

Get in touch to build or improve your brand’s website. As a client, you’ll surpass the standards of a public traded company.

For the Dreamer/Entrepreneur:

Here our founder admits a personal vendetta. He’s been labeled a dreamer for the majority of his life. Though he claims to have found strength in the tag, he struggles with the connotation. “People say ‘dreamer’ and dismiss your ideas as pie in the sky. They stop listening.”

He contests that the best of s9ociety’s solutions were once dismissed as projects of dreamers. He reflects often on all of those dreams that could have been if only the dreamer could envision a way to success. Bayo accepts that no one can help everyone, but Humble Titan will strive to do its part.

We welcome the entrepreneur who believes a website will advance their ambitions. We eagerly await those with products, services, or concepts that have a space online. We’d love to work with you.


Our Mission

We maximize your business and political potential.

We are all betting real money, you shouldn’t have to work to wall street to know a risky stock from a safe one.

We are all affected by government policy, you shouldn’t have to work for a think tank to receive a fair evaluation of your local representative.

We are all equal, you shouldn’t need access to the best business schools to get your ideas in front of the world.

It is our goal to obliterate all barriers to the success of people and businesses. If you are willing to invest the time to grow, we’d love to provide you a place where you can do just that.

Trusted by the world’s fastest growing companies:


Our Values.

We believe lasting success is founded on a set of principles clients can always count on. As a family business, we are eager to welcome you as one of our own.


We embrace the opportunity to solve your challenge.


Your success means as much to us as it does to you.


Respect and Integrity are among our fundamentals.


We cut out the fluff and focus on providing a service that makes a difference.

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